Protecting your assets

Accurate assessments to safeguard your project

We take the geotechnical risks of your project seriously and will only use trained professionals to mitigate the risks posed by wall instability. Our personnel operate under IRATA guidelines, are fully qualified and externally certified by accredited training providers.

With a comprehensive fleet of plant and equipment, and a laser focus on workplace safety, our experienced teams ensure your operation is safe and productive.

Our geotechnical services include the following key capabilities:

While our primary focus is the mining industry, we also provide services to the infrastructure, civil works, construction and rail sectors.

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Revolutionising the industry

Ausdrill’s recent innovation – HALO (High Access Localised Operations) relocates Rope Access Technicians to a safe distance where they can visualise the robot’s sensor data (via video and LiDAR), and then remotely control the robot to safely perform clearing operations. This investment in safety and innovation is the result of a 2-year collaboration between Ausdrill, The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and the Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (IMCRC).

HALO is slated to revolutionise the geotechnical industry, providing a significant increase in safety, greater certainty, and project efficiency – all at a lower cost to our clients.

This design allows for the robot to descend over the crest line and down the wall to rattle and dislodge any loose debris, removing any potential rockfall hazards. The prototype is electrically powered for basic operation and pneumatically powered to energize the rock chipper. The arm operates on a slide rail, which provides a swing arc greater than the span of the machine, thus improving the potential production.

Ausdrill is looking to further develop and improve the system, as well as explore the integration of the remote VR digital twin technology in other implementations throughout its suite of mining rigs and services.

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