Safety first, last and always

Our specialised geotechnical skills provide accurate assessments and safeguard your project.

We take the geotechnical risks of your project seriously and will only use trained professionals to mitigate the significant risks posed by instability. Our personnel operate under IRATA guidelines, are fully-qualified and externally certified by accredited training providers.

With a comprehensive fleet of Geotechnical plant and equipment, and a laser focus on workplace safety, our experienced teams ensure your operation is safe and productive.

Our long-standing experience is enhanced by the detailed information collected during each day in the field. This accumulation of knowledge sets us apart – it informs our service delivery, capacity to advise and predict, as well as to identify efficiencies and add value.

While our primary focus is the mining industry, we also provide services to the infrastructure, civil works, construction and rail sectors.

Our geotechnical services include the following key capabilities:

We are also heavily invested in the design, build, research and development of semi-autonomous and remote geotechnical alternatives that remove safety risks; efficiently address geotechnical project
needs; and offer the seamless and integrated data collection experienced across other industry equipment.

This unique concept, formulated by Ausdrill, aims to relocate the ‘hanging’ skilled labour or operator to a safe distance from the scaling site; where they can then remotely control intelligent scaling equipment. Efficiencies and value added via this endeavour will go on to benefit our clients and their projects.

If you have a geotechnical challenge, get in touch with us.

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