The best people make all the difference

Since the very beginning, we find the best people, invest in their training and professional development, and ensure they’re equipped to deliver excellent service.

It’s not enough to just have a fleet of top-quality drill rigs at your disposal. It’s equally important to have top-class drillers operating the equipment. That’s because good drillers always make a difference to downstream processing, whether it’s from drill cuttings for sampling or blasted rock for milling.

We focus on getting the right people for the job. That means having a diverse workforce to bring different skills and strengths. It also means fostering an environment for more women in mining and building a community of mining professionals who look forward to coming to work. Most of all, we want motivated people to work alongside our clients and help improve every project for the collective good of the Australian resource industry.

Ausdrill staff uphold our shared beliefs while maintaining a focus on:

Our people are known for providing the highest levels of service – whether they are exploration drill rig operators, maintenance staff or a member of our senior management team. We operate at the highest levels of safety and work to ensure each client receives the very best results.

If you’d like to become part of our world-class team of mining professionals, check out our careers page.

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