Extensive range of drilling rigs

We have one of Australia’s largest fleets of purpose-built drilling rigs. Combined with our experienced teams of supervisors and drill crews, Ausdrill’s complete drilling service is both safe and reliable and delivers superior results for our customers.

Our focus on innovation means we’re continually investing in new rigs and technology to improve the speed, accuracy and safety of our drilling services. Our fleet of custom-designed rigs is one of the most significant in Australia, establishing new levels in efficiency, noise reduction, and safety. We partner with our clients to optimise practices and then input that information into our design projects. Due to the scope and scale of equipment plus an expert team of people, we can be onsite and drilling when and where you need us.

Drill rigs

We custom engineer world-leading drill rigs and equipment specially designed to increase safety and optimize productivity onsite. We also invest in the latest automated technology to stay at the forefront of our industry, especially in terms of drilling deeper holes with larger diameters and streamlining processes to improve our efficiency.

RC rigs

Our heavy-duty reverse circulation rigs are proven in the toughest mining environments. They use the latest technology in operating systems design with efficient rod handling systems incorporating our own rod fall prevention system. Our reverse circulation rigs are available with numerous options to suit your project needs.

Hammer rigs

Our fleet of top hammer and down hole hammer drills allows us to deliver no matter how big the project or how remote the site.

Grade control rigs

Our grade control rigs have been designed to meet the demands of today’s modern mine site requirements. They feature numerous innovative safety systems fitted as standard including our rod fall prevention systems, efficient rod handling systems with dual operator stations, machine protection systems and an ergonomic work station for the sampling crew.

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