Grade control

Efficiency and accuracy every time

We design and build our own rigs to ensure you get the safest, highest-quality samples for your grade control program.  

We are able to perform in-pit reverse circulation (RC) grade control drilling and sampling. Our high-quality grade control rigs are designed to deliver you the cleanest, most accurate samples possible.

We provide our clients with high-quality sampling and increased levels of efficiency and accuracy. Having reliable sample data is an essential step towards a mine’s optimum operational capability. We work in collaboration with our clients in an effort to achieve operational excellence.

If your grade control samples aren’t as accurate as you need, call us to see how we can help you improve.

Ausdrill Rock Commander Automated Sampling and Surveying Drill Rig

The Ausdrill Rock Commander Automated Sampling and Surveying Drill Rig (RCASS) is a patented reverse circulation drill rig designed for use in grade control environments.

It is an innovation in automated precision drilling and an industry first in labour free sampling. This feature is enabled by the integration of the RayTrac RFID sampling system meaning sampling is programmed, executed and tracked without the need for human supervision. This saves clients time, labour and onsite costs typically associated with sample collection on a drill rig.

As well as this the RCASS also feature the Trimble DPS900 high precision survey guidance system meaning clients do not require drill hole survey mark out and pick up, further saving time and costs on a drill program. The Rock Commander also features an advanced communication module enabling the rig to be monitored remotely and linked to any office around the world in real time.

Ausdrill leading technology development and automation continue to raise the bar in safety performance, operational efficiency and quality control. Download the RCASS flyer and watch a video below.

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