If we can’t find it, we build it

Our custom-built rigs and vehicles are built in our state-of-the-art facility in Perth, Western Australia. They are designed to perform in the most difficult conditions. Everything we build is maintenance friendly, safe, and reliable and is built to improve efficiency.

If we can’t find the equipment we need for a specific environment or challenge, we build it. We designed the first long reach drill and blast rig which allows for safe drilling away from the Hole Collar. We’ve designed and built rigs to allow customers to drill lakes faster and for lower cost. We’ve developed specialty techniques for working on void areas. And we’ve been pioneers in high-reach drilling for drilling at height.

The hallmarks of our technologies include:

We’re not afraid to lead with new technologies and techniques. In fact, it’s what sets us apart. Every project is an opportunity to partner with our clients and make improvements in technology and techniques to benefit the entire mining industry. It’s not limited to drill rigs – advances in data analytics, AI and remote technologies have helped us drive productivity and safety. Our collective experience enables faster development of new rig designs and a better understanding of industry trends and needs. We’ve been at the forefront of drilling for the last 30 years and that’s where we want to stay. If you want a drilling partner with a focus on innovation and improving efficiency and productivity as well as the mining industry at large, give us a call.

Rock Commander Automated Sampling and Surveying Drill Rig

Ausdrill latest custom-built Rock Commander Automated Sampling and Surveying Drill Rig (RCASS) is an innovation in automated precision drilling and an industry first in labour free sampling! Download the RCASS flyer below.

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